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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Healthy lifestyle

How much is too much
It not always obvious which food are unhealthy some food may have surprisingly high sugar,salt or fat content.All these constitute diet factors for heart disease and stroke.
For example a can of fizzy drink contains seven spoon of sugar.a large fast food meal (double cheese burger,french fries,soft drink,dessert5) could contain 9200 kj (2200kcal), wich at 350 kj (85 kcal)per mile would require a full marathon to burn off.
Daily recomendation:
Salt (sodium chloride) : Less than 5 gram
Fruit and vegetables : 5-7 pieces (400-500g)
Total fat : Adjust intake to fit energy needs
(less than 30% off total calorie intake ) source : WHO
Get active together
It is much more motivating and fun to do physical activity with friend or group. If you have promised to join someone for walk,it's much harder to cancel than if you are going your ow! A brisk walk of 30 minutes each has been found reduce heart disease by about 18 % and stroke by 11%.
Take the Lead: Stop smoking
Tobacco use is one of the most significant risk factor to eliminate. tobacco causes one fifth of the cardiovascular disease world wide. Quitting smoking when you have to support your family. Friends and community is likely to be a much more achievable goal. Coronary heart disease risk is cut by half one year after quitting. Take the lead ,stop smoking and help other to quit too.


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