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Friday, 22 February 2008

Team Up for healthy heart!

Healthy family

It is well proven that success is easier achieve with the support of your friends,family. Individual who establish healthy lifestyle as children tend to keep these habits through out their lives. Family who eats nutritious food together,lives in smoke-free environment and are physically active are well on their way reducing their risk of heart disease and stroke.

Here some simple action you can adopt to help protect you and your family from heart disease and stroke,adopt these change today.

  • Encourage every one to eat well balance meals including (steam,boiled,grilled,and baked) lean meat,fish, vegetables,pulses,fruit and low fat product.

  • Provide at least five daily serving of vegetables and fruits

  • Offer water,low fat milk or fresh, Unsweetened fruit juicesto drink rather than soft drink.

  • Include fruits or vegetables in your children's school snack. Convince your child's friends parents to do likewise. Get their teacher support to put healthy eating on classroom agenda.

  • Make sure you don't consume excess salt, especially through processed food

  • Plan more family activities outside, add 30 minutes of regular physical activity daily and build physical activity into day to day chores.

  • Take the stairs rather than lift for instance.

  • Make your home smoke-free and try to ensure that your children don't smoke or experience tobacco smoke anywhere else.

  • Limit screen time. Keep the TV or computer off as much as possible and make sure your children's leisure time is packed with plenty of physical activity. Why not go with your child to school by foot or bicycle.

  • As a family member,set a good example by eating healthily,being physically active on regular basis and by not smoking.

  • If you think anyone in the family is at risk of heart disease,check with your heath professional.

  • Healthy communities

    * Kindergartens,schools,college and universities.
    Ask the principles to provide healthy meals,more play areas and sport facility to increase student's physical activity.
    *Work places.Encourage employers to offer healthy food options and opportunities for physical activity at work sites with incenti8ves to promote participants in sports and fitness activities. Insist employers provide a smoke-free work place.
    * Shops,store and restaurant. Group together with friends to a lobby fir a smoke free environment and healthier food selections. Better food labeling is a must.
    * Hospital. Ask that only healthy foods are offered sold.Persuade hospital became smoke-free.
    * Cities. Join or create an interest group to campaign for better urban design and transport policies to encourage more physical activities, to replace advertisements for candies,snacks, fast foods and to create smoke-free zone.


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